Granite: Wholesale, Toronto

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granite wholesale torontoGranite: Wholesale, Toronto
Fine stone wholesalers in the Toronto area have much to offer the homeowner who is thinking of installing granite countertops. While some people choose stone by looking at tiny samples resembling paint chips, others abdicate responsibility altogether by letting their contractor choose a neutral granite suitable for any type of décor.
The truth is that choosing a granite slab for your kitchen countertop or tile for your floors can be a highly enjoyable and creative experience. Instead of limiting yourself to a narrow range of choices, or leaving the choice in the hands of someone else, do a little research and find a stone that perfectly reflects your family's spirit and lifestyle.
Why Granite?
For many years, granite has been the number one choice for countertops, and it's easy to see why. Granite has many advantages over some of the other types of surfaces available. It's incredibly tough, one of the hardest substances on earth, scoring high on the Moh's hardness scale. Granite is unparalleled for durability. A granite countertop will last for many decades, and it adds resale value to your house. Granite can withstand high temperatures, it's not easily scratched or cut, and, when properly sealed, it's water resistant. All of these attributes make granite a highly efficient material for the surface of your kitchen counter.
But the real reason that granite remains on the top of everyone's list is its aesthetic appeal. Granite is nature's art – a granite slab is a one-of-a-kind accent that adds beauty to any room.
Choosing the Right Stone
There are many aspects to consider when choosing a piece of granite. A good place to start is with a reputable wholesaler. You'll want to find a stone importer/distributor who boasts a wide variety of granite from around the world. Some of the finest stone originates in Brazil and Italy, as well as from Spain and India. The wholesaler you choose should welcome visits to the company showroom, and be willing to help educate you about stone.
There are three major attributes that affect the way granite looks. These are:
  • Colour
  • Pattern
  • Finish
The range of colour in granite is virtually limitless. From the palest silver to deepest ebony black, almost any colour is available. As mentioned, many homeowners prefer to stay with neutral colours. But a world of rainbow shades awaits any purchaser who is looking for a more unique look.
Various shades of blue have recently become trendy, as contractors have discovered that blue complements many different paint and wood colours. Reds can add warmth to any room, and red granite shades range from dark maroon to rusty orange to faintest pink. Green granite is famous for its depth and ability to reflect light. As well, many pieces of granite combine two or more colours.
Patterns in granite range from "consistent,” which refers to small, uniform design throughout the piece to bold and dramatic patterns that create truly unique countertops.
Finishes include polished, a smooth and glossy finish designed to maximize the reflection of light, honed, a smooth matte surface with less reflective properties, and brushed, a textured matte surface.
Visit a granite wholesaler today, and explore the many ways in which granite can bring beauty to your life!